Las aventuras de Teddy Ruxpin

The Elves and Woodsprites put aside their differences to rescue the trapped Elf children inside the Theater Tree. Amanda brings in a bug bucket brigade while Katie, a deaf Woodsprite, flies to Gimmick's house to enlist the Trio's help in fighting the fire. Teddy takes a risk and uses the untested Reducing machine (which Gimmickhad been repairing) to restore Wooly so that he can put out the fire, but not before stray embers set the roof of Tweeg's tower alight. The Elves and Woodsprites make up and Leota's pupils put on a show for the community before receiving their diplomas. Elenco: John Stocker, Will Ryan, Holly Larocque, Les Lye, Phil Baron, Rick Jones, Anna McCormick, John Koensgen, Doug Stratton, Pier Kohl, Robert Bockstael.

Título Original: The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Géneros: Animación


Duración: 0

Año: 1987